Feb. 16, 2021

Axe & The Oak Tree Story, with Ryann McMillon-BGAD #15

Axe & The Oak Tree Story!! To take down an oak tree with an axe takes a ton of effort. You have to keep swinging blow after blow after blow and It still might not come down. You have to continue again and again and again. Those blows will eventually get the job done and the big mighty oak will fall. You must endure until the job is done. No matter how difficult the task. Even if you don’t see progress, change is happening!! No matter how challenging it gets you CANNOT give up. You have to continue. You must remove these ideas and mental clogs from your life like quitting, can’t, failure, impossible, retreat, and surrender. You have to always try again and again. You must continue to take blows and if it fails!! Do it again!! When others give up!! You continue!! You’ll be the one to succeed in the end!! This is a story of grittiness, persistence, and a will to win at all costs!! This applies to life as well. When you have goals you must persist and keep going even if obstacles are in the way. Your goals and achievements are at the end of it all. #begreatanddominate