Dec. 17, 2020



Have you ever experienced someone walking into a room and immediately the energy shifts. Everyone's mood elevates and they just seem to bring the best out of people. This is what we call a mood elevator. Moods are contagious and we should always strive to be the person in the room that is bringing everyone up.

You can cultivate certain characteristics to become that person. Mood elevators carry themselves with confidence, always smiling, engaging, and always the first one to shake your hand. The most important thing that a mood elevator understands is that no one can control their mood besides them. Even when they enter a room and the energy is "off", they don't come down to that negative level, they demand everyone else to elevate theirs.

Ryann encourages you to become a mood elevator. Practice keeping your energy high, controlling your thoughts to stay positive and cultivate this characteristic that will benefit you and everyone else around you.


"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

- Shakespeare