Feb. 1, 2021

Desire Can't Be Coached

Desire Can't Be Coached

The one thing that can not be coached or taught is DESIRE.

We can give you the map to success, tell you what to eat and how to work out but we can not give you the desire that you need to cultivate deep down inside to follow through with your goal.

You've got to want it bad enough so that nothing stands in your way. How do you keep your desire going even when it gets tough? Here are 4 ways:

1. Revisit Your Past- Why did you get started in the first place? Let that motivate you like it did when you decided enough is enough and took the first step.

2. Get Real- Most people lose their desire because they're waiting for something spectacular to happen. The truth is there are no shortcuts and weight loss is never linear. You will lose a little, gain a little, and again lose more but you need to be patient. The process may be slower than you think, it can take weeks to see change. But if you are consistent you will get there.

3. Think About How Far You've Come- Don't just look at your weight. What other areas of your life have improved? Are you stronger, faster, do you feel more energized? Use those feelings to keep you going.

4. Think of The Long Term Consequences if You Quit- We can make the choice to quit but where will that lead us? Gaining more weight, feeling bad about yourself, health problems, low quality of life, not being a role model for your family. These are all consequences if you quit. It's not worth it.

While it does get easier you always have to find ways to stay motivated and keep that desire you had when you first got started. Keep these tips in mind and never quit.