Dec. 17, 2020



Million of people are diet conscious. We're a calorie counting nation. We spend a lot of money on vitamins and supplements, and we all know why.

We all know that the body reflects the diet we have. Physical stamina, body size, and even how long we live are all related to what we eat. The body is what the body is fed. The same goes for your mind. The mind is what the mind is fed. "Mind food" is not packaged and you can't buy it at a store. Mind food is your environment. Everything that we listen to, watch, and read feeds our mind and determines our habits, attitude and personality.

Think about this, what if you were born in a foreign country? What kind of food would you like? Would the clothes you wear be the same? Would the work you do be different? Most likely yes. You would probably be a different person because you would of been influenced by a different environment. Like the saying goes, "You are a product of your environment."

Our environment shapes us. If we spend too much time with people with a negative attitude we start thinking negative. The same goes if we hang out with people with big ideas, we will raise the level of our thinking. The person you will be in 5 years depend almost entirely on your future environment. You will change over the months and years but how will you change? This all depends on the mind food you feed yourself. How do you make your environment make you successful? Here are some ways:

1. Be Conscious of Your Environment: Just like you're mindful of what you feed your body be aware of the people you are letting into your environment, mind diet makes the mind.

2. Don't Let Small Thinking People Hold You Back: Jealous people want to see you stumble. Don't give them the satisfaction. Don't let suppressive forces (the you can't do it people) make you think defeat.

3. Get Your Advice From Successful People: Don't risk getting advice from someone that hasn't conquered their own fears.

4. Throw Poison Out of Your Environment: Avoid Gossip. Talk about people but stay on the positive side.

Having in mind these 4 tips will only get you that much closer to success and happiness.


Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without the loss of enthusiasm- Winston Churchill