Dec. 17, 2020

Don't Make This Mistake When It Comes to Dieting or Working Out!

Don't Make This Mistake When It Comes to Dieting or Working Out!

Do you have an all or nothing mentality when it comes to nutrition and working out? Most people that fall into this way of thinking never seem to progress. This all or nothing mentality is like getting a flat tire and rather than fixing it you slash all the other three. Sounds silly right?


When you start a nutrition plan, do you categorize certain foods and say "I will never ever have this". It's usually something you really enjoy like having pasta or bread. And what happens when you do have these foods that are "off limits"? Most likely you feel like a failure and say "well I messed up, now I'm going to go all out, eat all the food I want and start again Monday". Does that sound familiar? So instead of moving on from the situation, you give it permission to ruin your entire day of eating. The vicious cycle usually goes something like this; strict deprivation, overindulgence, guilt, lather, rinse, repeat".

When it comes to nutrition you have to find a middle ground. Find an enjoyable way of eating all week long. Look for recipes you enjoy and don't feel upset if you had something off your meal plan. The goal is to not feel deprived or restricted. When you love the way you eat it will feel effortless. Willpower is short lived, if you are relying on it to get you through the entire week of unenjoyable meals then you are setting yourself up for failure.

What about exercise? Do you feel because you can't go to the gym and workout like you used to you shouldn't work out at all? Or when you don't have an entire hour to dedicate to your workout do you completely dismiss the session all together? Just because you don't have an entire hour doesn't mean you won't benefit from doing something. Any movement is better than no movement.

When it comes to feeling your best, any little counts. Some times good enough is better than nothing at all. Remember you will get results based on what you do the majority of the time. Give yourself some grace when circumstances are not optimal, you will get results.