Dec. 17, 2020



If you're great at one thing you have the potential to be great at anything.

We've all had some kind of accomplishments in our lives. Whether it was in school with academics or in sports. It could have been at work or in your career. If we dissect those moments we'll realize there were some specific things you did to acquire that accomplishment. Perhaps in order to be great in sports you spent hours practicing and having a strict schedule with training and nutrition or in your career when you received that big promotion you dedicated time in your craft and made sure you were doing everything in your power to get the job done. All those details can be passed on to anything you want to accomplish. Dedication, grit and consistency applies to anything that you do.

If there is an area in your life that you want to improve look at other areas of your life that you are thriving in and ask yourself what am I doing there that I can be doing here? Maybe you're just not making it a priority or you don't know where to start. Use your strong characteristics and the same principles you use for the strong areas of your life to strengthen your weak areas.

We all have the potential to do great things. What made you great at one thing can make you great at everything!


Your personal growth is the only thing that matters. You own and write your story; no one else does. Believe in your unique steps up the mountain.”― Brittany Burgunder