Dec. 17, 2020



When you hear the word "obsessed" most people see it as a negative trait and although it can be negative you can also take obsessiveness and make it positive to become ultra successful. The people who are at the top of their game got there not by wanting to be better, but by becoming obsessed with improving.

Obsession beats talent every time. In a recent documentary with Conor McGregor a UFC champion, said "This is an obsession. Talent does not exist; we are all equals as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time... I am not talented; I am obsessed." When you are obsessed you'll be willing to stick with your goals no matter what. You will harness all of your focus and energy on making your' dream your reality.

One common tool that many successful and obsessive people use is the power of visualization. In sports especially, athletes train their brains in preparation to win. When the pressure is on they have to make sure they execute with clarity and accuracy through visualizing the play in their mind over and over again.


In business, you need to have a clear long term vision and be obsessed with it to keep your company moving the right direction. When facing challenges your' obsessiveness with this vision will help you find a way through no matter what . In health having a vision and being obsessed with it will help you when you are faced with temptations because you are thinking of the long-term results and focusing on your why. Use the power of visualization to become obsessed with your goals and keep you moving forward.

Part of being obsessed is celebrating the small wins that get you to your big goals. For example losing a couple pounds a week or seeing sales increase in your business. Celebrate the small wins and enjoy the process. These small successes also feed our obsession to keep striving and improving

There are many ways you can use obsession to your advantage. If you consider yourself an obsessive person channel it in a positive way so that you win at life and reach any goal you set your mind too.


"Your obsessions become your possessions."