Dec. 18, 2020

Rare Disease and Still Winning, with Ryann McMillon-BGAD #4

Rare Disease and Still Winning


Have you ever been paralyzed? I have!! I have a rare disorder called Hypokalemia Period Paralysis and I continue to live a successful life no matter what life brings my way.


I dove headfirst into wellness once I realized it was the key to me overcoming this disorder. I dedicated so much of my life to discovering the ways I could control my problem and now I want to share them with others. 


Hopefully, someone doesn’t have to endure the pain, struggle, and suffering I had to go through to figure it all out and their journey will be a little easier. 


I believe you can counter any disease, disorder, illness through a healthy lifestyle. I control my disorder through nutrition, exercise, proper hydration, sleep, supplementation, and other health-related habits. 


I encourage everyone to eat right and take care of your body. It’ll take a complete lifestyle to overcome!! 



If it was hunted, You can eat it!!

If it was picked from the earth, you can eat it!!

If man made it, ITS POISON!!


Stay Healthy and Well!!