Dec. 26, 2020

The Pleasures of Extreme Discipline, with Ryann McMillon-BGAD #6

The Pleasures of Extreme Discipline

When you’re extremely disciplined most people around you won’t understand. You can’t expect them to understand because the odds are they’ve never done what you are doing. They believe you are missing out on the fun things in life and truly believe you're not enjoying the finer aspects of living.

When you skip the party, when you turn down the bad food, when you avoid drinking, when you avoid compulsive shopping, and many other vices out there. The whispers will start!!

They might like the quick pleasures of these normal vices but never have experienced the real pleasures of discipline.

When you work out every day for months, when you don’t eat junk and avoid alcohol, control your finances, when you are continuously learning, and control every impulse you have it's a rush. They don’t understand that being a disciplined person has pleasures of its on like this.

You have energy that can’t be matched because of your lifestyle.

Your mental clarity is superior because you’ve been caring for yourself.

Your confidence is unmatched because you love who you see in the mirror!!

You become a Superhuman!!

These are the pleasures the successful want in life. Most people have never put together a disciplined plan and stuck to it for a long period to understand.

The people who have tried both sides will agree that they feel like a superhuman when disciplined. It's a hard lifestyle to live and that's why a small percentage fit in this group.

It's just funny because they think your not living and the disciplined don’t think they are living. They just seem correct because it's the norm of society. I'll tell you right now that if it's the norm then it's probably misguided information and you should go the other way.

Stay disciplined!!