Jan. 21, 2021

The Umbrella Theory, with Ryann McMillon-BGAD #12

The Umbrella Theory- It's explained and a powerful story is told!!

Imagine a world full of darkness, rain, wetness, and it's completely uncomfortable but everyone has an umbrella.

The umbrella theory is about how everyone in the world is using their umbrellas to protect themselves and others.

The umbrellas have 5 notches on them. 1 notch being closed and 5 being fully opened.

What type of person are you? Is your umbrella closed or opened?

TYPE 1-Notch Level 1

This is a group that doesn’t have its umbrella opened at all. They don’t know what to do with themselves. They are struggling to get by and feel lost in the world. The world of destruction is showing no mercy on them and it's difficult for them to take action.

TYPE 2-Notch Level 2 or 3

The majority are walking around with their umbrellas at notch 2 or 3. That is the type only protecting themselves. That umbrella is opened just enough to help themselves. They are only worried about keeping themselves protected and well. They don’t care if type #1 is crushed. It's them and only them.

TYPE 3-Notch Level 4 or 5

This is a very small group of individuals. They are focused on protecting themselves but keep their umbrella fully open to help others stay covered as well. They walk the earth fully committed to their wellness and the wellness of everyone they touch.

Imagine a world where everyone's umbrella is fully extended. It could be dark, wet, rainy, chaotic, and insane but everyone is committed to the betterment of all. A world where everyone is protecting themselves but opened enough to help others as well. That would be a beautiful world to live in!!

If we all keep our umbrellas fully opened then the world could throw anything at us but there would be so much protection we’d all be safe!!

Ways to open your umbrella: Opening your umbrella means finding ways to make other people's lives better in a difficult world.

-You can do this by simply smiling at everyone you walk past.

-When you are at the grocery store say hello to the checker by name and thank you when you leave. That is rare.

-Saying hello to the homeless person you walk past every day and make them feel known again.

-Start a conversation with your Starbucks barista and becoming friends with those you continuously encounter.

-Every engagement matters. You want to make others better with every interaction you encounter.

Simple acts of kindness are opening your umbrella and its spreads in the world. You can take control of your world, make your life and the lives of all that you touch better. Making them feel known, loved, safe, and protected. It would be an incredible world to live in!! I’m going to try to live my life with a fully extended umbrella!!