Dec. 23, 2020

Victim Mentality vs Victor Mentality, with Ryann McMillon-BGAD #5


We all have faced adversity, obstacles, and problems in our lives, but everyone decides to handle these situations differently. Usually, everyone's mindset falls under two categories. Victim Mentality or Victor Mentality. What category do you belong to?

Most people make excuses and give themselves a reason to fail. Most people find something or someone to blame for everything in life. Victims!!

Very few individuals put all the pressure on their shoulders no matter what the issue is in life. Very few individuals find ownership within and decide to take control of the outcome. Victors!!

At some point, we all have absolute control of ourselves, and you have to decide to break the mold. You have to decide you're going to create the life you want for YOURSELF. You have to look within for the solutions!! 

Just remember to set the bar high for yourself, realize you are worthy of the life you want for yourself, and if you don't like the circumstances you were given in life!! Change it!! 

Stay relentless and be victorious!!