Dec. 13, 2020

Wakey Wakey Shakey Shakey, with Ryann McMillon-BGAD #2

Wakey wakey shakey shakey!! 


The words that have sparked a rage to succeed for a long time. It's a moment in my life that stays with me and those words have helped me outwork everyone in my path. 


When I was a kid my family had some very hard times. We lived in a homeless shelter in order to survive. While we were there we had to wake up extremely early so everyone could wake up, shower, get dressed, eat, and leave. I can’t fully remember the exact time but it around 5 am. This isn’t about waking up early is a problem, Its about HOW we were woken up each day!! 


One of the workers would kick open the doors to the main hall where everyone slept and would repeatedly yell "WAKEY WAKEY SHAKEY SHAKEY” over and over and over again until we all got up!! Countless people including the Elderly, babies, kids, and disabled. All of us being treated with absolute disrespect. He did that every morning with complete enjoyment!!


As I got older I never forgot that feeling of rage it gave me and I use wakey wakey shakey shakey as my daily motivation  to wake up!! I’ve used the bad times as a driver to take me to high levels!! 


Every time I see that phrase it reminds me of where I never want to go again!! It reminds me that I need to give my Best!! 


Find your similar moments and let them propel you to unimaginable heights of success and happiness!!